Dropbox Business Blog France — Les fichiers Adobe XD CC peuvent désormais être prévisualisés dans Dropbox

Les fichiers Adobe XD CC peuvent désormais être prévisualisés dans Dropbox
24. janvier 2018 — 2 min de lecture

Les fichiers Adobe XD CC peuvent désormais être prévisualisés dans Dropbox

As part of our partnership with Adobe , we are pleased to announce a new integration with Adobe Creative Cloud . The files created in Adobe XD , the final solution design, prototyping and sharing user experiences Adobe , can now be previewed in Dropbox, as well as the Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator files. These insights are available on dropbox.com and s ur our mobile applications.Our users can find more easily the e urs last s designs Adobe XD in Dropbox .
Adobe XD, UX / UI designers can move from u concept to prototype without leaving the application . They can turn their models into experiences interacti ve s seamlessly . Integration with Dropbox allows members of your extended team to easily locate the layouts they need to advance their projects.
Here are the main features offered by this integration:
  • P r évisualisez and p artagez your XD files with any employee . Whatever their role within your team, your employees can preview v bone level s work XD on the website of Dropbox , but also on our mobile apps for Android and iOS.
  • Simplify the E design collaborati f without disrupting your workflow. Members of your extended team can also use the comment functionality and annotating e Dropbox. To collect comments and annotations on the same prototype, the art designers can use the sharing features prototypes Adobe X D .
"Adobe XD is an innovative tool that brings together all the features of the UX designers need. We are pleased to offer the power of Dropbox , from Adobe XD and of Creative Cloud to our joint customers " , said Daniel Wagner, engineer within the ' team previews, Dropbox. " Our goal is to liberate the creative genius of our users by expanding our partner ecosystem and by integrating design tools like Adobe XD has ith Dropbox , computer, on mobile and on the web. "
" We want to make the design process more efficient with Adobe XD, " said Kate Eom, Senior Product Manager, Adobe XD. " That's why we're excited to allow designers and their extended team to preview native XD files in Dropbox without having to open them. "
To learn more about the files that ' it is possible to preview on of ropbox .com , visit our Help Center or click here to learn more about Adobe XD CC .

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